A technology professional will often resort to contacting the technical support line of an equipment manufacturer for assistance.

Between “waiting in line for the next available representative” and escalating the issue to someone who actually understands the product, the technology professional can sometimes spend hours, or even days, working with the manufacturer’s technical support to hopefully address the issue.  This can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process.

Mirapath Support

Mirapath customers can benefit from Mirapath Support which offers:

  • Post-sales technical support for all solutions sold by Mirapath
  • A technical support team that has extensive knowledge on the products purchased from us
  • Time savings – you eliminate the time and effort of contacting various manufacturers directly – no more spending hours on the phone answering the same questions 5 times
  • Management of the issue until it’s resolved to your satisfaction
  • Support with root cause troubleshooting and corrective action
  • RMA coordination – when necessary, we will initiate RMA with the manufacturer and coordinate on your behalf
  • Various levels of SLAs are available based on the agreement that you have with Mirapath
Mirapath Support Description
Centralizes All Your Support Needs Just know one number and one email address to contact for all your support questions
Resolves issues Faster Mirapath engineers have 10+ years of experience with products sold by Mirapath and oftentimes can resolve issues without requiring support from manufacturer
Saves Time You never have to call the manufacturer support line again. Mirapath will handle the support ticket for you
Less Paperwork In cases that require paperwork (i.e. R.M.A.), Mirapath will coordinate all the steps for you

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact your Mirapath Account Manager or email us at solutions@mirapath.com.

Mirapath Support