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5 Signs That Your Structured Cabling Contractor Understands IT

2017-01-11T12:19:15-08:00 August 17, 2016|Low Voltage Structured Cabling|

Structured cabling is the backbone of a network. It’s more than the copper or fiber wiring in the walls or overhead. It is a complete system of cabling infrastructure and hardware that enables the flow of information. It dictates how fast and connected your network can be. With so many cabling contractors out there, how can you be confident that you’re hiring the right structured cabling contractor?

Here are 5 signs that your structured cabling contractor understands IT:

1) Asks Questions

A cabling contractor who understands IT asks detailed questions about the scope of work, RFQ, or RFP. Having a solid understanding of the scope can help get your network up and running quickly with minimum change orders and disruptions.

2) Active Participant

A structured cabling provider who knows IT is an active participant in your physical layer one design and topology. No two customers are alike, so why should their design be? A great provider takes the time to listen and assess based on your goals, and share different design topologies and solutions from different manufacturers.

3) Forward Thinking

Yes, it’s vital that your project is designed with today’s standards and needs. But a cabling contractor who understands IT inquires about your future needs as well – and is knowledgeable of the latest trends and technologies. Can they discuss the differences in OM3 and OM4? Can they provide you with considerations and migration path for 100G or 400G? Are they sharing with you the latest in copper such as CAT8?

4) Technical

Another sign that a structured cabling provider knows IT is how technical they are. Do they understand how layer one choices affect the scalability, redundancy, and efficiency of your entire infrastructure? Are they thinking about diversity paths, fill ratios, bend radius, crosstalk, and Db loss?

5) Holistic

Last but not least, a great structured cabling contractor knows more than just structured cabling. They are knowledgeable of the other building blocks of your environment: power, cooling, cabinets, cable management options, containment, surveillance, and connectivity.

Structured cabling is a critical part of your network. Choosing the right provider can ensure that you have a well designed and installed network. Not all structured cabling contractors are alike so make sure your structured cabling contractor understands IT. Your network will thank you.

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