Why Work At Mirapath?

Be Part of a High-Growth Industry

The data center industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley 150 companies including Adobe, Cisco, Google, HP, LinkedIn, Tesla, and Twitter trust us for their data center needs.

Invest in You

Mirapath invests in its employees’ career and well being. We offer medical and dental insurance, 401(k), and continued education opportunities.

Team Building

We might have lost all of our softball games, but we know we’re winners! At Mirapath, team building is encouraged. We have events and activities to get you better acquainted with your peers, from white water rafting and zip lining, to mini golf and laser tag.

Mirapath Careers

Mirapath supports local communities by donating or volunteering at local organizations including Loaves and Fishes, UCSF Brain Tumor Research, Challenges Athlete, and New Red Shoes to name a few.

Available Positions

What Do You Like About Working At Mirapath?

“I love the people I work with and how unique everyone is. The Mirapath team is like a family and while we make fun of each other like siblings, we don’t let anyone else mess with us.”

Project Manager

“It’s a professional workplace where you can have fun while constantly learning something new.”

Sales Development Representative

“My favorite part about my j0b is being able to interact with customers and build strong relationships. There are some customers that I’ve been working with for all of the 10 years I’ve been working at Mirapath and I love the idea of using my expertise to help others succeed.”

Director of Sales

“Because of our size, we are more close-knit than other companies out there and one of our values is that people truly care in our work, and its seen in the work we produce.”

Services Program Manager

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