Case Study: Data Center Infrastructure Management for a Bay Area Technology Company

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The customer, a previous client who moved to a new tech company, realized in his first week at his new job that he needed Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Having had a successful relationship with Mirapath previously, he reached out to his account manager to help him get up and running.

Scope of Work

The Mirapath team, including the account manager and engineer, met with the customer to understand the challenges in his new job. We worked with the customer to gather the features and requirements for the data center racks, power strips, and DCIM.

Based on the requirements from the initial meeting, the sales engineer provided comparison charts for the data center rack and PDUs. We specced based on the different features that he was looking for and included all of the complementary products that he would need, including power cords, connectivity cables, cable management, and temperature humidity sensors.

We also coordinated shipping of the racks and PDUs, provided pricing and options for DCIM software, and negotiated different pricing options to meet the client’s budget. We wanted the client to feel 100% confident with his new software, so he began with a trial license first so that he could see its benefits firsthand.


The client was thrilled with the thoroughness of the Mirapath team in not only scoping out the items he asked for, but also including complementary products so that he could get the PDUs up and running immediately.

This tech company is now using Mirapath to ship their products to different parts of the world as well and have our team coordinate the logistics of the delivery. Mirapath also makes sure that new products are imported into their DCIM software for monitoring and tracking.

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Mirapath DCIM Case Study