Case Study: Legacy UPS System Failures Causing Downtime in Multiple Network Closets

2020-06-16T04:36:56-08:00 February 19, 2020|Design & Installation|


The customer, a technology company, was experiencing downtime in their network closets due to legacy UPS system failures. There were no remote monitoring or alerting to IT management because none of the rackmount UPS systems in the customer’s 20+ IT closets were on the network. The customer was also experiencing air flow problems due to power cord slack blocking the rear vents on networking equipment.


Mirapath proposed a complete retrofit of all the network closets with more efficient rackmount UPS systems and new redundant vertical PDUs for each network rack. The Mirapath team also proposed moving from 120V to 208V power for better efficiency. Replacing the existing horizontal PDUs to vertical PDUs with shorter power cords was proposed to help with better airflow management.

Scope of Work


Giving the customer visibility to the current state of their network closets, Mirapath provided a complete assessment and inventory of all the existing network closets and equipment for failure and warranty. The Mirapath team also assessed fit and compatibility including U space required for the UPS and power strip solutions.

Phased Deployment:

Working off hours in the evenings and weekends, Mirapath worked on a phased deployment to shut down, remove, install, and configure equipment. Mirapath coordinated the logistics and provided the schedule for timely delivery in Palo Alto, California.

Mirapath worked seamlessly with the customer to install the new UPS and power strips. We also configured the UPS to connect to the network, added the IP addresses, and the centralized monitoring software. The IT team can now be alerted if there are any outages in any of the network closets.

Mirapath worked with the customer’s internal team to recycle the old equipment as part of the customer’s green initiative.


The Mirapath team worked diligently with the customer to complete the retrofit project over a period of two years – phased in between budget approvals.

Working with us to replace all our UPS and power strips over a 2-year period showed dedication and commitment to getting the job done and great customer service. This is the high standard of service I’ve experienced with all my projects with Mirapath.

– Data Center Operations Manager

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