The customer, a storage and data management company, needed a reliable professional services team to install the Mojix STAR System, which provides real-time, wide-area tracking for their engineering lab equipment.

Scope of Work

The Mirapath Professional Services Team installed the Mojix STAR System in an overhead antenna grid to track and trace tagged assets as well as exit doors to detect presence of assets passing through these doors. Installation services included:

  • Mount and connect, in a daisy-chain fashion, STAR 3000 and STARflex receivers to eMux to eNode, eNode to eNode or eNode to eXpander using coaxial cable and connectors
  • Mount and connect multiple antennas to eNodes or eXpanders via coaxial cableCut out and install 8″x 8″ split brush grommet for each cabinet
  • Mount and connect, in a daisy-chain fashion, eNode to GPIO box to motion sensors
  • Provide unistrut and miscellaneous mounting hardware
  • Label each exciter antenna with the unique eNode port ID#
  • Label each banner sensor with the DPIO ID and GPIO-port
  • Structured cabling between the RFID devices
  • Add Unistrut supports to the ladder racking

This Mojix system would track important assets including servers, drive bays, routers, switches, and other lab assets. This would eliminate lost and missing assets entirely. The system would also reduce search time and costs associated with searching for those assets. The solution provided the customer with accountability and visibility for their lab equipment.


  • Incorrect assignment of facility access badges
  • Discrepancy with labels noted on the blueprint compared to the actual labels
  • Material instructions were changed at the last minute to 1/2-13×1″ inch bolts
  • Time constraint of less than two weeks


Despite the challenges, The Mirapath Project Management Team successfully finished the project. The team quickly adapted to the change in materials, acquiring the new bolts and integrating them smoothly into the installation process. Temp badges were handed in to the correct contact so that access to the facility was given. After only one meeting, the team was happy with the communication between the other engineers. From this, other future hiccups did not occur. Possible confusion from misleading labels was not an issue, thanks to the knowledgeable and experienced Mirapath staff. Despite the obstacles, The Mirapath team provided outstanding service and completed the project on-time and on schedule.


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Case Study: Installation of Mojix RFID Asset Tracking System for a Multinational Tech Company