The customer, a technology software company, had multiple branch offices worldwide without a dedicated IT staff. They were looking for a true out-of-band solution that would allow them to monitor and troubleshoot global sites remotely from their HQ.

The company was searching for a console server for each site that had cellular access. This allows access to the local console port of their network switch even in the event that the network goes down.

Customer Requirements

The customer wanted to understand the challenges of deploying in 3 of their international locations, where the cellular networks and power requirements are different, and exporting equipment may have legal complications. Other requirements include:

  • A cellular adapter to attach to their legacy console server’s network port
  • Learn the technical difficulties they will encounter and options available
  • Understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of cellular and modem
  • Research different international cellular networks and how each network would affect deployment
  • A logistics plan for all sites including delivery dates for each international power requirement
  • Ability to integrate with the power strip to reboot the remote site’s router if it is not responding

Scope of Work

  • Mirapath introduced 2 different solutions:
    • Console server with external cellular adapter
    • Fully integrated Opengear console server with the cellular adapter
  • The customer chose to get the fully integrated solution that has the cellular access capabilities already integrated into the console server. The recommended solution can deliver proactive monitoring even during network outages, minimizing both disruption and downtime.
  • The customer preferred cellular over traditional modem solution due to its simplicity in installation. Thus, Mirapath chose the best cellular network that worked best in each international location, get the SIm card, and subscribed to the service. Using data in a cellular network is less expensive than that in a phone line.
  • Mirapath shipped domestically and internationally with preloaded configuration for the customer.


Mirapath provided a vendor neutral and objective solution that met the customer’s needs. The Mirapath team worked closely with the customer for over a year to complete all configurations, setup, and logistics of delivery.

Mirapath did a great job finding and installing the best out-of-band infrastructure solution for all our data centers including those overseas. We are very glad to have chosen Mirapath as our solution provider.

– Data Center Operations Manager

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