The customer, a cloud company, is looking to build out the infrastructure in its colocation data center in Santa Clara, California. Needing nearly half a megawatt of power, this technology company required the installation of new equipment, maximizing the use of materials already available, and a plan for equipment to be purchased later.

The customer needed an experienced partner with expertise in IT and structured cabling to complete the project on time and on budget. Mirapath was chosen to design, procure, and install turnkey, scalable infrastructure for its high-density data center.

Case Study: Scalable Infrastructure for High-Density Data Center

Scope of Work

The Mirapath Project Management Team designed the white space to optimize power and containment. The team worked with the customer to identify each milestone and timeline requirements.

Mirapath also provided the following:

  • All design drawings, submittals, spec sheets, shop drawings, and samples for customer sign off.
  • Procured 80+ server, network, and “roll-in” cabinets. Complying with all relevant building standards, we also placed and secured cabinets.
  • Designed and installed two rows of full hot aisle containment which guides hot exhaust airflow back to the A/C return to increase cooling efficiency. With this design, the common cool area in the space is more comfortable for the engineers as well.
  • For structured cabling, we supplied and installed high-density panels which allow mix and match of fiber and copper snap in cassettes and modules.
    • Each server rack required 24 strand fibers and 24 ports of CAT6 connections.
    • For the fiber infrastructure, we used 12 strand OM4 MPO trunk cable as backbone and connect with MPO to LC cassette at each end.
    • For copper, we installed them with custom jack colors for better/easier identification.
  • Supplied and installed all ladder rack, fiber duct, and patch rack materials needed to provide proper cabling pathways outlined by the customer.
  • Procured and installed all patch panel, jack, and installation materials in addition to providing test results for each port.
  • For safety and compliance, we worked in conjunction with the colocation provider to prepare MOPS as required.

At the completion of each phase of the project, Mirapath provided hard and soft copies of all applicable project paperwork.


Mirapath was responsible for managing multiple vendors to complete the extensive build-out. And our experienced project management team coordinated and scheduled Mirapath skilled technicians to provide white-glove service. The Mirapath team completed the project in scope, on time, and on budget.

“Mirapath differentiates itself through reliability, quality of service, and competitive pricing. For years, the support and professionalism from the Mirapath team has been exceptional and consistently met or exceeded our expectations.”

– Senior Data Center Manager

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