Case Study: Healthcare Heroes

2020-12-30T10:50:16-08:00 December 30, 2020|Colocation, Connectivity, Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Power Management, Services|

In the midst of all this chaos we call 2020, there has been one vital industry keeping us all afloat, healthcare. Before we begin our story, we want to take this opportunity to show our support and gratitude for all healthcare professionals, especially those working on the frontlines to keep us safe! It is [...]

Case Study: Business As Usual

2020-12-30T10:33:57-08:00 November 18, 2020|Connectivity, Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Power Management, Services|

As we head into our ninth month of this pandemic, we’re getting more used to this idea of the “New Normal”. Our office setup at home, Zoom meetings in pajama pants, and inevitable shipping delays are just a snippet of how things have changed since the beginning of 2020. What would’ve sounded really impressive [...]

Case Study: A Race Against Time

2020-12-30T10:34:41-08:00 September 29, 2020|Connectivity, Containment, Design & Installation, KVM, Power Management, Racks & Hardware, Remote Access, Services|

Have you ever tracked down a moving FedEx truck for a package? That’s exactly what our Project Manager, Steve, had to do for this project. Mirapath recently had a project in Brisbane, California for a customer we’ve had for about 3-4 years now. They told us what they wanted, and the Mirapath team put [...]

Case Study: Pandemic Edition

2020-12-30T10:34:59-08:00 September 1, 2020|Connectivity, Containment, Design & Installation, KVM, Power Management, Racks & Hardware, Remote Access, Services|

Our long-time customer is a global cybersecurity leader focused on shaping the cloud-centric future. They are dedicated to solving the greatest security challenges through constant innovation using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. With over 70,000 customers, this customer is on the frontline to protect these organizations across clouds, networks, [...]

Improve Density and Network Scalability with Leviton Fiber Systems

2018-01-17T16:58:43-08:00 September 27, 2017|Connectivity|

Once a fiber backbone is in place, it is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to make changes and upgrades. Leviton’s 10G to 40G to 100G migration path solves this challenge. Without requiring changes to the backbone, Leviton’s e2XHD and UHD Systems provide a high-density solution that’s easy to connect, fast to deploy, and simple [...]

Can Fiber Accessories Help With Your Unique Applications?

2017-08-16T15:04:50-08:00 August 16, 2017|Connectivity|

Mirapath carries a wide variety of fiber connectivity products such as fiber patch cables (i.e. LC to LC, MTP to MTP, etc), patch panels, cassettes, and more. However, that is not where we stop. We also help our clients with their unique fiber connectivity applications in their data center, engineering lab, or IT closets. Challenges [...]

CAT6A: Shielded or Unshielded?

2017-04-13T10:43:03-08:00 April 4, 2017|Connectivity|

The recommended copper cable for 10Gbe applications is CAT6A. However, there are 2 types of CAT6A cables: UTP and STP. Which one should you use? UTP means Unshielded Twisted Pair and there is no shielding. STP means Shielded Twisted Pair. There can be any type of shielding that helps against ANEXT (Alien Near End Cross [...]

How to Choose the Right Fiber Enclosure/Patch Panel System

2017-03-29T13:57:04-08:00 December 29, 2016|Connectivity|

Things to consider when choosing the right fiber enclosure/patch panel system: Consider the design of the rack elevation and layout. How many U spaces are available for the fiber enclosure system within the rack? And, will there be either horizontal or vertical cable management? Will your cabinet’s depth allow for angled patch panels? Determine the [...]

Pre-Terminated Copper Solution vs. Field Terminated Solution

2017-04-03T14:25:12-08:00 December 27, 2016|Connectivity|

Customers often ask us for a cost comparison between pre-terminated copper solutions compared to field terminated. There are many objective variables such as quantity of ports and distance, as well intangible ones such as ease, flexibility, and time. Based on our experience, here is a quick summary of the pros and cons. To discuss specifics [...]