Case Study: A Race Against Time

2020-12-30T10:34:41-08:00 September 29, 2020|Connectivity, Containment, Design & Installation, KVM, Power Management, Racks & Hardware, Remote Access, Services|

Have you ever tracked down a moving FedEx truck for a package? That’s exactly what our Project Manager, Steve, had to do for this project. Mirapath recently had a project in Brisbane, California for a customer we’ve had for about 3-4 years now. They told us what they wanted, and the Mirapath team put [...]

Case Study: Pandemic Edition

2020-12-30T10:34:59-08:00 September 1, 2020|Connectivity, Containment, Design & Installation, KVM, Power Management, Racks & Hardware, Remote Access, Services|

Our long-time customer is a global cybersecurity leader focused on shaping the cloud-centric future. They are dedicated to solving the greatest security challenges through constant innovation using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. With over 70,000 customers, this customer is on the frontline to protect these organizations across clouds, networks, [...]

Case Study: Finding a Holistic Solution

2020-12-29T12:10:43-08:00 May 27, 2020|Colocation, Containment, Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Power Management, Power Strips, Racks & Hardware, Remote Access|

Preparing to move into a colocation can be a daunting and complicated process. There are many decisions that impact the cost to build, operate, and scale the data center remotely. In the past, IT departments would provide an estimate for the equipment and power needs required for their own systems. Some of these estimates [...]

Case Study: Scalable Infrastructure for High-Density Data Center

2020-06-16T04:33:04-08:00 May 16, 2020|Containment, Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Racks & Hardware|

Objective The customer, a cloud company, is looking to build out the infrastructure in its colocation data center in Santa Clara, California. Needing nearly half a megawatt of power, this technology company required the installation of new equipment, maximizing the use of materials already available, and a plan for equipment to be purchased later. The [...]

Case Study: Rack and Overhead Installation for Edge Data Center

2020-06-16T04:34:52-08:00 March 20, 2020|Design & Installation, Power Strips, Racks & Hardware|

Objective The customer, an edge data center, needed a reliable professional services company to ensure its white space was ready in two weeks. Scope of Work The Mirapath Project Management Team specified and procured all the materials including 200+ racks, 400+ PDUs, 2-tier ladder rack, and fiber tray. Professional Services included: Seismically anchor, bay, level, and [...]

Case Study: Legacy UPS System Failures Causing Downtime in Multiple Network Closets

2020-06-16T04:36:56-08:00 February 19, 2020|Design & Installation|

Challenge The customer, a technology company, was experiencing downtime in their network closets due to legacy UPS system failures. There were no remote monitoring or alerting to IT management because none of the rackmount UPS systems in the customer’s 20+ IT closets were on the network. The customer was also experiencing air flow problems due [...]

Case Study: Installation of Mojix RFID Asset Tracking System for a Multinational Tech Company

2017-08-15T09:09:31-08:00 August 10, 2017|Design & Installation|

Objective The customer, a storage and data management company, needed a reliable professional services team to install the Mojix STAR System, which provides real-time, wide-area tracking for their engineering lab equipment. Scope of Work The Mirapath Professional Services Team installed the Mojix STAR System in an overhead antenna grid to track and trace tagged assets [...]

Case Study: New Office and Engineering Lab Build Out

2017-04-11T08:22:20-08:00 December 28, 2016|Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling|

Company: Solid-State Storage Technology Company Location: San Jose, CA Project / Building Size: 80,000 sq. ft. Project Type: New Construction, Structured Cabling, and Lab Build Out Project Scope: Mirapath was contracted to provide and install 500+ internal data ports within an 80,000 sq. ft single story building, including user work stations, conference rooms, offices, lobby, [...]

Are Your Racks and Equipment Properly Grounded and Bonded?

2017-03-29T15:37:44-08:00 December 21, 2016|Design & Installation, Racks & Hardware|

Grounding and bonding provide a pathway that allows fault current and transient voltages to return to their source. Technically, grounding and bonding mean different things. Grounding is a process meant to protect people against a possible fault in the electrical system. Bonding electrically ties all specified metallic elements together to minimize the differences in voltage. [...]

From Order to Chaos: The Automation Journey

2017-01-11T09:44:20-08:00 November 22, 2016|Design & Installation, Lab Automation Software, Layer 1, News|

The Engineering Lab Symposium is an annual event where Mirapath brings together end users and industry leaders to discuss the current trends, challenges, and best practices for engineering labs. This year, our featured speaker is Dan Lunderville, Manager of Global Customer Labs at Palo Alto Networks. Dan has worked in customer support since 1997, running [...]