Mirapath Launches Managed Services Program

2018-04-17T23:45:20-08:00 March 28, 2018|Managed Services|

Cupertino, California – Mirapath, Inc., a trusted provider of data center, engineering lab, and IT supporting infrastructure, announced today it has added Managed Services to its list of service offerings. Mirapath’s Managed Services is designed to help reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance by offering both onsite and remote support tailored to fit [...]

Fortune 500 Company Increases Office Workspace by 40%

2017-01-11T12:20:30-08:00 March 15, 2016|Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Managed Services|

Background and Challenges The customer needed to renovate their 4 story building's office space to allow for more workstations with minimal costs. All existing cubicles would be removed with new cubicles and configurations. However, to keep costs down, the customer wanted to reuse existing cabling as much as possible. This required a lot of pre-planning, [...]