Weekend Server Room Migration for Silicon Valley Telecommunications Client

2018-11-16T16:50:52-08:00 June 25, 2018|Moves & Migrations|

Objective: The client, a VoIP phone company, needed to migrate their server room to a new location within 2 days. Scope of Work: With only 48 hours to complete the migration, the scope included: Environment and equipment audit Take inventory of existing equipment and cables Unplug, unrack, transport, and re-rack devices Disconnect, sort, label, and [...]

Case Study: Relocate, Consolidate, and Refresh Lab Devices for a Multinational Technology Conglomerate

2018-10-25T02:43:31-08:00 April 24, 2018|Moves & Migrations|

Challenge: The client, a multinational technology conglomerate, with US offices in San Mateo and Sunnyvale, had lab devices split between multiple colocations. Their objective was to relocate and refresh their lab devices from the colocations into a single location. Thus, we needed to recondition part of their Sunnyvale location into an engineering lab. Having had [...]

Case Study: Moving and Consolidating Critical Lab Devices

2017-02-16T08:16:16-08:00 February 15, 2017|Moves & Migrations|

Objective Safely moving critical lab devices was the main objective for the customer - a leading networking solutions provider. They needed to move and consolidate over 5,500 critical lab devices across 25 engineering labs from various office locations into a single location, within the new headquarters, in less than three weeks. Scope of Work Phase 1: [...]

How to Design and Install Infrastructure Under a Tight Deadline

2017-01-11T12:18:33-08:00 September 12, 2016|Design & Installation, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Moves & Migrations|

Objective The customer, a Fortune 100 multi platform technology company, was looking to consolidate multiple engineering labs from various locations into a single colocation to allow for expansion in 3 weeks. Scope of Work Design and Installation Working closely with the customer, the Mirapath team designed and installed both the mechanical and electrical infrastructure for [...]