Case Study: Rack and Overhead Installation for Edge Data Center

Objective The customer, an edge data center, needed a reliable professional services company to ensure its white space was ready in two weeks. Scope of Work The Mirapath Project Management Team specified and procured all the materials including 200+ racks, 400+ PDUs, 2-tier ladder rack, and fiber tray. Professional Services included: Seismically anchor, bay, level, and [...]

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Optimizing Rack Space for a Multinational Software and IT Company

Challenge: During a site visit with a customer, a multinational software and IT company, our team noticed that the servers’ power was located only on one side, but the power distribution units (PDU) were mounted on both sides of the rack. In addition, the customer was using 6-foot power cords that came with the server, [...]

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Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) saves time and resources in mass deployments since administrators do not need to physically connect to each power strip before the unit is deployed to the network. ZTP allows administrators to use an existing DHCP service, along with a TFTP server, to automate the configuration of IT devices. ZTP is available in [...]

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To Migrate Or Not To Migrate: Server Technology PRO2

Server Technology’s latest innovation, PRO2 rack PDUs, features a flexible hardware platform with more outlets, a faster processor, improved firmware, and increased security and redundancy. Server Technology PRO2 Key Features: Shallower PDU enclosure Star architecture multi-linking, up to 4 power strips Hot-swappable, redundantly-powered network card Branch current measurements and multi-level alerts More alarms and configuration [...]

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Custom Power Strip Bracket Design

Objective Mirapath created a custom power strip bracket for our customer, a cloud based business management software company, who were looking at a technology refresh of their existing cabinet power strips. The customer was using an open frame cabinet with no pre-built PDU mount panel and one of Mirapath’s custom power strip brackets. Solution In understanding [...]

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Challenges In High Density Rack Deployments

Rack densities continue to increase as customers look to optimize data center utilization and reduce costs. If you can go from 4 x 5 Kw racks to 1 x 17 Kw rack, why not? The savings in real estate and infrastructure (racks, rack power strips, connectivity) are significant. Back of the envelope calculation gave me [...]

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7,500 Copper and Fiber Connections in 20 Days

In a span of 21 days, Mirapath deployed 7,500 copper and fiber connections for a leading eCommerce company. Background and Challenge One of the largest eCommerce companies in the world was building up its colocation site under tight deadlines. The original goal was to have 150 racks deployed along with 300 power strips and 7,500 fiber [...]

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Solving a Lack of Power Feeds for High Density Servers

Background and Challenge Customer is looking to deploy high density racks, 20 servers (possibly more for future growth) per rack. Each server is estimated to consume 1200W per server, split between 2 power supplies. The estimated load per rack is 24kW. Planning to install 2 power strips each rack for A and B feed. Problem [...]

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