Multiple Rackmount vs Standalone UPS

2017-01-11T09:39:36-08:00 December 15, 2016|UPS|

Scenario: You have been using the 3000VA or 5000VA rackmount UPS units. Now, you are expanding. You need to add a few more racks and another couple of the 3000VA units. Also, you need to replace the batteries on the existing UPS units since it has been a couple of years since initial purchase. Should [...]

Mitigating UPS Failure

2017-07-27T11:54:33-08:00 December 13, 2016|UPS|

Did You Know: UPS battery related failure is responsible for 37% of UPS system failures. What can you do to mitigate UPS Failure? The high discharge rate batteries typically use in large UPS systems have a design life of 20 years, but an average service life of 15 years. Factors that can cause premature battery [...]

Can your UPS grow in its capacity to support critical equipment?

2017-01-11T12:18:08-08:00 September 19, 2016|UPS|

Three general categories of scalable UPS units are: Scalable, Redundant UPS units: These are units that have power modules that are added to a UPS frame as the load increases. Typical power module sizes are: 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 15, 25, 50, or 275 Kw. It is important to note that the batteries associated [...]

Case Study: Services Beyond Cabling

2022-08-17T11:31:24-08:00 November 30, 2011|Connectivity, Design & Installation, Power Management, Power Strips, Racks & Hardware, Services, UPS|

We had a brand new big-name customer that needed PDU installation, including IP configuration, plugging in, and dressing all power connections between the PDU and customer equipment. To the Mirapath team, these sorts of things are part of our standard operating procedure. However, unlike a standard project, this customer was also interested in bringing [...]