Custom Power Strip Bracket Design

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Mirapath created a custom power strip bracket for our customer, a cloud based business management software company, who were looking at a technology refresh of their existing cabinet power strips. The customer was using an open frame cabinet with no pre-built PDU mount panel and one of Mirapath’s custom power strip brackets.


In understanding the customer’s requirements and constraints, Mirapath provided different options and demo power strips for the customer to evaluate and select.

Because we provided demo units, the new chosen power strip presented certain installation challenges as it had different physical dimensions compared to the customer’s existing power strips. The new strip was deeper. The customer also took this opportunity to express additional requirements. They wanted more space between the mounted 2 power strips to route cables.


None of our existing custom power strips brackets met those requirements so our sales engineer, Preston Holder, designed a new bracket for the customer. We had the new brackets fabricated and the customer is now using these brackets and the new power strips. See design below:

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design 1

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design. Red lines show the outline of the PDUs

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design 2

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design.

These brackets are also available:

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design TR-CBL2B

Part #TR-CBL2B: Custom “L” Bracket with 2 Button Mount Holes

Custom Power Strip Bracket Design TR-CBJL

Part #TR-CBJL: Custom “Z” Bracket Button Hole


Custom Power Strip Bracket Design TR-CBDJ-1

Part #TR-CBDJ-1: Full Size Custom Bracket for ThundeRack Racks

If you have any questions or would like additional information on custom power strip bracket designs, please connect with us at or (877) 647-2728.

Article content contributed by Nick Constant and Preston Holder.