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No matter what environment you are working in or the challenges you face,
Mirapath has the solutions you need to keep things running.

Data Centers

Today’s data centers need to be under tight climate control, to be maximizing the processing power of the servers they house, and keeping everything completely secure while using as little power as possible.


When you are working on exciting, fast-paced development of brand new products, you definitely don’t want to spend time fixing failed equipment, wrestling for cables and wires, and shopping around for the new equipment your team needed yesterday.


Colocations offer varying degrees of solutions and services to customers. Mirapath can fill the gap and provide you with alternatives – from racks to power strips to jumper cables.


All office phone calls, video conferences, internet traffic, and surveillance videos all pass through one or more MDFs/IDFs. Most offices will stop if something goes wrong in this little room.


Latency, speed, security, and privacy are some benefits of edge computing. Mirapath can deploy, monitor, and manage IT systems in remote locations, while addressing specific challenges at the edge.

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • We identify your specific needs and find the right solution for your environment
  • Your team can stay focused on their core responsibilities, while relying on our technical resources to install, monitor, troubleshoot, and more
  • Our team is an extension of your own team, working side by side until the job is done
  • We offer technical support for all products purchased from us
  • We are vendor neutral. We only recommend products that fit your requirements
  • Our customers trust us to discuss solutions, not SKU numbers