Background and Challenge

A Fortune 1000 company headquartered in San Jose, CA was looking to reduce energy consumption in their 2,500+ sq. ft. data center while keeping their cooling requirements intact. Having already implemented blanking panels in their hot and cold aisle layout, the next logical step was a containment solution. With the lack of a containment solution in place, the hot air and cold air were allowed to mix, causing a decrease in air conditioning efficiency.

That’s when they called Mirapath for containment solution options and installation services.


Mirapath worked with the customer to diagnose the space, creating a customized containment solution that would best address the layout of the customer’s data center. We used ESD safe vinyl curtains in order to meet California’s State Fire Marshall standards. We accounted for obstructions in their data center, accommodating for the high ceilings, obstructing pipe, and busway. Sliding containment doors were installed at the end of the rows, further decreasing the chance of hot and cold air mixture, while still providing easy access into the cold aisle.

We’ve recently completed this project and the savings calculations will be determined in the coming months. We expect the ROI to be extremely attractive. If you’d like to be informed of the results, or if you have a cooling efficiency project and would like more information, please email:

Customer Feedback

“I love the containment doors! So easy to use and look great too.” 
– Data Center Manager

“Mirapath did a fantastic job with this containment project. It was a real challenge to come up with a good solution given our limited budget, 22 foot high ceiling and very crowded space above the racks.”
– Data Center Manager

“This cold aisle containment is making a huge difference for us. Our AC units don’t need to work as hard now. Later on when we add more equipment to the racks, we’ll have plenty of cooling capacity to support higher rack density too.”
– Facilities Manager