Can Fiber Accessories Help With Your Unique Applications?

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Mirapath carries a wide variety of fiber connectivity products such as fiber patch cables (i.e. LC to LC, MTP to MTP, etc), patch panels, cassettes, and more. However, that is not where we stop. We also help our clients with their unique fiber connectivity applications in their data center, engineering lab, or IT closets. Challenges vary by each customer – whether it’s fiber link failure or optical signals that are too strong, we can help address these challenges with the use of fiber accessories.

Below are some useful fiber accessories:

Fiber Cleaners:


A contaminated or dirty connector is the number one cause of fiber link failure. A 9 micrometer speck of dust can completely block the fiber core, causing signal loss and transmission quality.

Skin contact with the ferrule will immediately deposit an unacceptable amount of body oil on the end-face. Lint, dust, and static-charged particles can easily make its way from the air and non-static materials such as clothing and towels.

Removing oils and residue with a simple swab can be difficult and time-consuming. Available in pen and cassette styles, fiber cleaners are a fast, easy, and effective way to clean the fiber connectors and maximize network performance. Furthermore, we tested and inspected fiber connectors before and after a cleaning and we have seen major improvements in dB loss.

We have fiber cleaners available in the push-type cleaners and cassette styles for LC, SC, and MTP/MPO connectors.

Fiber Attenuators:


In applications where the optical signal is too strong and needs to be reduced, fiber attenuators have proven to be very effective. In testing, fiber attenuator helps to test power level margins by temporarily adding a calibrated amount of signal loss into the application. In a permanent connection, it can be installed to properly match the transmitter and receiver levels increasing signal reliability and stability.

We have fiber attenuators available in LC and SC connector as well as multi-mode and single-mode versions. We currently carry these in fixed 3dB, 5db, 7dB, and 10dB loss.

Loopback Adapters:


Fiber loopback adapters are designed for equipment testing, self-testing, engineering, network diagnostics, and measurement applications. These are typically used for testing transmission capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment. An important part of troubleshooting in labs and manufacturing environments, loopback adapters can also be used to diagnose equipment problems via a loopback test.

These are available in both multi-mode and single-mode versions and for LC, SC, and MTP/MPO connectors.

Fiber Optic Couplers:


Fiber optic couplers (or adapters) are devices that allow two separate fiber connectors to be coupled together and connected.

This comes in handy in a data center or lab that is built on a LC fiber backbone but have a few devices that require a SC connection. Instead of running a whole new cable, using a LC to LC coupler along with a 1 foot LC to SC cable connected to the equipment can save a lot of time and money while achieving the same outcome.

Mirapath carries these in MTP to MTP, LC to LC, and SC to SC varieties.

For more articles on fiber, read How to Choose the Right Fiber Enclosure/Patch Panel System or To Single Mode or Multimode? That is the Question. If you have any questions or would like more information about fiber accessories, please contact us at (877) 647-2728 or and we will be happy to assist.

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