Background and Challenges

The customer needed to renovate their 4 story building’s office space to allow for more workstations with minimal costs. All existing cubicles would be removed with new cubicles and configurations. However, to keep costs down, the customer wanted to reuse existing cabling as much as possible. This required a lot of pre-planning, coordination, and know-how in order to address issues as the project unfolded.

Mirapath worked alongside construction, electrical, cubicle, and office renovation teams to ensure that we could use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible while keeping to the timelines. As issues surfaced such as “surprises” under the existing cubicles and design changes, Mirapath’s team adjusted and were still able to deliver the project on schedule.


In the end, Mirapath was able to install the new cabling alongside the existing infrastructure to account for a total of ~1700 ports (~500 new) and over 500 cubicles (~150 new).

The customer was pleased with the results as we “made the best of the situation”. They knew beforehand that the job was going to be a difficult one for all parties involved and praised our team’s expertise and reported that “Your techs really know what they’re doing”.