Improve Density and Network Scalability with Leviton Fiber Systems

2018-01-17T16:58:43-08:00 September 27, 2017|Connectivity|

Once a fiber backbone is in place, it is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to make changes and upgrades.

Leviton’s 10G to 40G to 100G migration path solves this challenge. Without requiring changes to the backbone, Leviton’s e2XHD and UHD Systems provide a high-density solution that’s easy to connect, fast to deploy, and simple to maintain. Data center and IT leaders can scale their organization’s growing bandwidth demands while simplifying installations, moves, adds, and changes. Today, it’s as simple as changing the cassettes to maximize density in the given space. This is especially helpful for customers who are outgrowing their footprint.

Here are 2 cassette options for Leviton patch panel systems:

(3) MTP8 Cassette
The (3) MTP8 cassette allows full utilization of the 24-fiber MTP/MPO backbone fiber that goes in the back of the cassette by distributing it into 3x MTP8 ports in the front of the cassette.

Data center and IT managers who previously required 10G multimode fiber connections, but today have expanded to 40G and 100G uplink requirements will find the MTP8 cassette extremely helpful.


Hybrid Cassette
This cassette allows full utilization of the 24-fiber backbone through a hybrid distribution of 2x MTP8 ports and 4x LC duplex ports.

Customers that need a few of both the MTP8 and 10G LC connections will find the hybrid cassette convenient.  Before this hybrid solution, customers often had to purchase two separate cassettes to fulfill their requirements.  But now they can do the same thing in one cassette – if they only need a few ports.  This not only gives them flexibility, but also saves them time and money for these installations.

Both the MTP8 and Hybrid cassettes have front LC or MTP/MPO connectors to support 10G or 40G through 100G switch port connectivity channels.

These patch panel systems are an easy-to-connect, high-density solutions which provide simple installation, removal, and improved cable routing for both fiber applications.  Cassettes quickly snap in and out of high-density panels, making installations easier than ever.  The fiber cassettes are custom configurable and arrive pre-terminated.

To learn more about these cassettes or to configure your own fiber solutions with a Mirapath representative, please contact us at (877) 647-2728 or and we will be happy to assist.