In addition to working very closely with our customers to deliver efficient, scalable infrastructure solutions, Mirapath partners with many manufacturers to evaluate new solutions. And often times, Mirapath is included in partner feedback sessions before a product is generally released.

Mirapath triages all the new products from official partners and non-official partners to determine which ones are novel, provide incremental value, or are new technology that deserves to be followed closely. Then, the new product will go through a process in which Mirapath will evaluate the solution in a number of fronts including installing it and testing it in our lab in Cupertino, California.

Our commitment to our customers is that we don’t just promote any new product, we do our homework first. This approach is in line with our values that we don’t sell products, we help solve challenges.

There are three key components that we consider when releasing a new product:

1. Value-Add Use Case

Mirapath tests the functionality of the new products in three focus areas: data centers, engineering labs, and IT closets. Does the new product offer something new that was not available before? Does it deliver more value than other solutions?

Whether the new product allows our customers to do more with less, addresses scalability issues, or makes it easier to perform routine tasks, we want to know! And, these aspects will be tested to guarantee that the new product delivers.

2. Stability

We take the introduction of a new product to our customer base seriously, it means Mirapath’s seal of approval. Therefore, we like to ensure that the new product is stable in production whether in a data center, lab, or IT closet.

We perform internal tests in our lab environment as well as work with select customers who are able and willing to evaluate new products before release.

3. Availability

Although we all love shiny things, we try not to hype up new solutions to our customers when the product is not readily available.  Understanding both the technology needs and the business needs (quantity, timelines, and availability) help avoid disappointments, delays, and headaches during the actual deployment.

“The team at Mirapath goes through a very detailed testing process before announcing new products,” said Henrique Oliveira, Director of Technology at Mirapath. “Our customers trust us to provide them with vendor-neutral recommendations. Our goal is to provide solutions that align with each customer’s requirements and we know our customers are busy so we only launch solutions that add incremental value to our solution stack.”

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