In our most recent data center build out project, we helped design, procure, and install white data center racksThere has been lots of speculation over the last several years whether white is the new black for data center cabinets.

Some manufacturers have suggested that white cabinets can save up to 30% in lighting costs. This is due to the color white having a higher Light Reflectance Value (LRV) than black – 80% LRV for white compared to 5% for black.  This LRV goes even further, as the 30% reduction in lighting translates into total data center energy savings of 1.5% to 3%.

We haven’t had a customer validate this claim officially for white data center racks. However, our customers have expressed that the reflective quality of the white cabinets have allowed their data center operations team to see more clearly inside the cabinets when racking and stacking, troubleshooting, and other tasks.  If that is not reason enough, a white data center looks pretty cool!


  1. The cost of white racks is exactly the same for most manufacturers.

  2. Harder to blemish. Some manufacturers use hammer paint which makes the surface not completely flat and thus harder to get smudges on.

  3. Matching white to other infrastructure components. Some manufacturers are beginning to make ladder racks, cable management, and blanking panels in white to match the racks. So depending on your requirements, it’s possible to have everything in white.

white data center racks 1 white data center racks 2 white data center racks 3

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