Mirapath’s Cabinet Offering Enhanced with the Legrand Acquisition of AFCO Systems

2018-10-25T22:21:59-08:00 June 20, 2018|News|

Mirapath announced that it will continue its long-standing partnership with cabinet and containment solutions partner AFCO Systems, now Legrand Cabinets and Containment (CAC). AFCO Systems was recently acquired by Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA), an innovation leader in power, light and data technologies for homes, workplaces, and data centers. Under the acquisition, the newly formed Legrand CAC is now comprised of the “Best of Breed” products from AFCO Systems, the previously acquired Electrorack, and the Ortronics “Mighty Mo” family of products.

“Mirapath and AFCO Systems have partnered to create custom solutions for many years,” said Doris Yeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Mirapath. “We are excited to see our partnership thrive and provide our customers with an enhanced product portfolio under the Legrand brand.”

Mirapath will continue to access the latest innovations in cabinet and containment hardware including the Cross Breeze Rail System and the T6 Server Cabinet designed for high density server applications by optimizing cable management, airflow, and load capacity. Mirapath customers can also leverage Legrand’s Ready Ship program to bring plug-and-play functionality to world-class cabinet equipment that is ready within days of ordering.

“The Legrand CAC team has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom data center cabinet and containment solutions for all types of data centers,” said John Consoli, VP of Sales & Marketing at Legrand CAC. “We’re excited to continue the partnership with Mirapath, who specializes in IT supporting infrastructure.”

To learn more about Legrand Cabinets and Containment solutions, please contact us at (408) 873-7883 or solutions@mirapath.com.

Mirapath’s Cabinet Offering Enhanced with the Legrand Acquisition of AFCO Systems