Server Technology’s latest innovation, PRO2 rack PDUs, features a flexible hardware platform with more outlets, a faster processor, improved firmware, and increased security and redundancy.

Server Technology PRO2 Key Features:

  • Shallower PDU enclosure
  • Star architecture multi-linking, up to 4 power strips
  • Hot-swappable, redundantly-powered network card
  • Branch current measurements and multi-level alerts
  • More alarms and configuration options
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (need firmware 8.0g)
Challenge with CDU1 Benefit with PRO2
Firmware Version 7.x Firmware version 8.x
Classic HTML UI New, more modern HTML5 UI
CDU too deep, blocks the rails during device installation and removal 2.2 inch depth alleviates this problem in most cabinets, 24” wide cabinets particularly
Concern about downtime, must take down the entire CDU if the network card dies Hot swappable NIC with separate internal power supply ensures no downtime
Can only daisy chain one STI CDU to a master unit Multi-linking provides customer up to 4 redundantly linked power strips
Not enough outlets or diversity of configurations New modular design allows for many different outlet configurations
Network and serial for communication/configuration only Network, serial and USB for communication/configuration

In our technical evaluation of PRO2, the reasons below will warrant a more thoughtful consideration before migrating:

  • Firmware changes will require adjustment of SNMP collectors and scripts
  • Chassis is a bit wider than CDU1 @ 2.25in
  • New UI and CLI commands to learn

The Mirapath team is available for migration services such as:

  • Migrate configuration from existing CDU1 to PRO2
  • Mass configuration of all new units
  • Physical exchange of existing CDU1 to PRO2 at deployed sites
  • Ensure compatibility with other products and solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about the Server Technology PRO2 platform, please contact your Mirapath Account Manager or contact us at