Vertiv released the ACS8000 console server series with significant new features that further enables customers to perform secure, remote data center, lab, and out-of-band management from anywhere in the world.

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate - Vertiv ACS8000

Vertiv ACS8000 highlights include:

  • New USB console support
  • New fiber uplink
  • New Python and PERL scripting support
  • Faster processor and more RAM
  • Expanded support of power strips

Should you start using the ACS8000?

  • If you are currently using Vertiv ACS6000, there are very few reasons not to consider the ACS8000. Both the ACS6000 and ACS8000 are at the same price point but the ACS8000 offers upgraded features, support, and security as outlined above.
  • For customers using ACS5000, there are major improvements when migrating to ACS8000. Compared to the ACS5000, the ACS8000 includes RJ45 Cisco ready pinout and dual NICs in addition to the features listed above.
  • If you are using ACS Classics, your console servers are out of warranty so it’s best to consider migrating to ACS8000.

Together with Vertiv, Mirapath is offering trade up values for trading in legacy ACS console servers, ACS classics, and currently available models such as the ACS5000 and ACS6000 with the new ACS8000.

In our technical evaluation of the ACS8000, the reasons below will warrant a more thoughtful consideration before migrating:

  • If you are using DSView to manage the console servers, you must be using DSView R4.5 SP6 or newer for DSview to talk to the ACS8000. And, if you use DSView R4.5 SP6 or newer, you will lose access to EOL Avocent devices. Talk to us about how to address this dilemma.
  • The ACS8000 doesn’t have a 4 port model
  • The ACS8000 doesn’t have PCMCIA slots or integrated modem support

The Mirapath team is available for migration services such as:

  • Migrate configuration from existing ACS to new ACS8000
  • Physical exchange of existing ACS to new ACS8000 at deployed sites
  • Migrate any existing DSView to new DSView and ensure compatibility with all ACS and other appliances

If you’re interested in learning more about the Vertiv ACS8000, DSview compatibility, or Mirapath migration services, please contact your Mirapath account manager or contact us at

To Migrate Or Not to Vertiv ACS8000