Mirapath Joins ADVA Partner Program

2018-02-22T08:12:44-08:00 February 22, 2018|Layer 1, News|

Mirapath recently joined ADVA Optical Networking’s Partner Program. Under this partnership, Mirapath will be ADVA’s preferred partner in North America for their Media Cross Connect lab automation solutions. Mirapath has an extensive solution portfolio for data center and engineering test lab infrastructure and provides ADVA with the expertise to focus on customers that will maximize ADVA’s lab solutions.

“We are excited to be a part of ADVA’s partner program as one of their preferred North America partners.” said Doris Yeh, Mirapath CEO and Co-Founder. “Mirapath has enjoyed a strong partnership with MRV Communications for many years, and we are eager to see it continue to flourish under ADVA’s leadership.”

ADVA recently completed their acquisition of MRV Communications, Inc., a leading provider of Optical Networking, Carrier Ethernet access solutions, and network infrastructure management products. While strengthening its overall optical and packet networking portfolio with the acquisition, ADVA has also added industry leading lab automation solutions from the legacy MRV brand to the company’s overall solution portfolio.

“The MRV brand and Mirapath have a long-standing and strong reputation within the lab automation space. Integrating a strong MRV partner like Mirapath into the ADVA partner program will ensure we continue that leadership in providing optimized solutions for test lab environments,” said Tom Coburn, Product Line Manager for ADVA Optical Networking.

Ideal for use in any testing environment, MRV Media Cross Connect increases productivity and reduces capital and operational expenses. Sharing expensive test sets and testbed infrastructure among users minimizes the equipment inventories that are needed to support the test workload, while storing and recalling frequently used topologies, scripting configurations, and automating tests increases lab productivity. In addition, eliminating manual manipulation of optical cables minimizes the effects of cable wear and fiber contamination on test results producing more accurate tests and fewer re-tests.

The MRV Media Cross Connect will continue to be a member of the ADVA product portfolio moving forward, ensuring the existing decade-long product history is supported and enabling new opportunities to improve lab efficiency for their existing and new customers.

To learn more about MRV MCC, please contact us at (408) 873-7883 or solutions@mirapath.com.

Mirapath Joins ADVA Partner Program