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Mirapath Launches Managed Services Program

2018-04-17T23:45:20-08:00 March 28, 2018|Managed Services|

Cupertino, California – Mirapath, Inc., a trusted provider of data center, engineering lab, and IT supporting infrastructure, announced today it has added Managed Services to its list of service offerings. Mirapath’s Managed Services is designed to help reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance by offering both onsite and remote support tailored to fit their clients’ specific data center needs.

With Mirapath Managed Services, trained and skilled technicians are available 24/7 to respond to emergency, planned, or routine maintenance, including basic troubleshooting of network, hardware and software issues, rack and stack, cable management, hardware diagnostic troubleshooting, installations, decommissions, and a host of other support needs.

“We see the role of our Managed Services technicians as being an extension of our clients’ teams,” said Doris Yeh, Mirapath CEO and Co-Founder. “They are trained to handle both routine and emergency data center maintenance, so that IT support staff can focus on pressing projects and new technologies.”

Mirapath has hired Matt Saenz to lead, manage, and develop their Managed Services offerings. In his role, he will oversee the company’s team of skilled technicians responsible for providing technical support to Managed Service customers.

“I am thrilled to announce the addition of Mr. Saenz to the Mirapath team,” said Ms. Yeh. “Matt’s professional experience coupled with his deep understanding of the technologies that we support make him a natural fit to grow our Managed Services offerings.”

Please visit our Managed Services page to learn more about our offerings. View our press release. Contact us at (408) 873-7883 or solutions@mirapath.com.

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