Mirapath Lunch and Learn: DevOps & Automation

2017-10-09T07:20:48-08:00 October 6, 2017|News|

Mirapath recently hosted a Lunch and Learn event focusing on practical steps to increase automation in network management, ranging from zero-touch provisioning to orchestration tools.

We had the pleasure of having Marcio Saito, CTO of Opengear, as our guest speaker. Marcio has an extensive industry experience and held numerous leadership roles in the data center space. As CTO of Opengear, Marcio is responsible for the company’s product and technology strategy as well as leading the development of next-generation Opengear products.

Here are some of the key topics from Marcio’s presentation.

Out-of-Band Value Proposition Stack:

  • Automation – automate mass provisioning
  • Provisioning – allow remote mass equipment configuration
  • Resilience – redundant network
  • Remediation – to troubleshoot

The Pursuit of Automation:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Orchestration Tools
  • DevOps: Infrastructure as Code

Zero-Touch Provisioning:

  • Config files specifically targeted at each device
  • Devices boot using DHCP, receive an IP address and a pointer to their configuration file
  • Configuration file can be a template or script, allowing full device configuration

Thank you to Marcio Saito, Opengear, and everyone that attended!

“The presentation was nicely presented.”

“Learned more things about ZTP and very friendly people.”

“Very informative information on console gear. Marcio was very knowledgeable and explained it very well.”

“I love these Lunch and Learn that Mirapath hosts. We always like to know the latest products that are available and what’s trending.”

For more information on Opengear console servers or to get a demo of the Lighthouse 5 Centralized management, please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our support engineers. You can also contact us at (877) 647-2728 or solutions@mirapath.com.