Mirapath Technical Support

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We aim to provide our customers with spectacular service throughout their Mirapath experience, from project consultation to post-sale technical support. The Mirapath Technical Support team is available to answer your questions or concerns regarding any of the solutions that we offer. Nothing is too big or too small.

Why Contact Mirapath Technical Support?

  • Our engineers are trained and have in-depth knowledge of the solutions we offer including management software, console servers, UPS, power strips, fiber connectivity, and more.
  • Our expertise and experience with multiple products help eliminate the headache and effort of contacting multiple vendors when troubleshooting solutions that might have connected dependencies, such as power and console server or power and UPS or centralized management with all of the above.
  • We offer assistance with maintenance tasks or questions such as firmware upgrades. Depending on the solution, we can collaborate on a plan to upgrade hundreds of devices with the use of an ISC DHCP server.
  • Because we facilitate the RMA process, you just call us. We initiate it with the manufacturer and handle all the documentations on your behalf.
  • We’re available by phone, screen share, video chat, and often go on site to support our customers and get issues resolved.
  • We have an extremely quick response time. It’s not the black hole!
  • And if we don’t know, we will find out.

How To Contact Mirapath Technical Support?

  • Send your questions and issues to support@mirapath.com
  • Or notify your dedicated account team. They will loop in our technical support department.

Mirapath Technical Support Hours

  • 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM PST Monday through Friday excluding public holidays