Scenario: You have been using the 3000VA or 5000VA rackmount UPS units. Now, you are expanding. You need to add a few more racks and another couple of the 3000VA units. Also, you need to replace the batteries on the existing UPS units since it has been a couple of years since initial purchase.

Should you add additional 3000VA rackmount UPS units or consider a standalone 3 phase UPS units?

The answer will be specific to your situation, budget, and goals but below are advantages and considerations to each option.

Advantages Considerations
More Rackmount
UPS Units
  • Lower initial cost of investment
  • Good solution if your environment is going to stay below 20 kW
  • Easy installation and operation
  • No need for an electrician or facilities involvement
  • Ability to do your own maintenance/user serviceable
  • Not ideal for mission critical equipment
    that requires high availability
  • Takes up valuable rack space
  • Limited back-up time
  • Limited battery life (2 – 3 years)
  • Not as efficient as 3 phase UPS
  • Batteries might not be hot swappable
3-Phase Units
  • Designed for high availability environments
  • More easily scalable from 10 kW and up
  • Maximizes 3 phase power, higher efficiency
  • Longer battery life (5 – 6 years)
  • Batteries are hot swappable
  • Redundancy can be built in
  • Higher upfront investment
  • Requires electrical contractor to ensure proper installation
  • Requires space for the standalone unit
  • Scheduled maintenance is required

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