If your environment requires a large number of serial console ports, Opengear has recently announced a new product that will simplify your life and save you a few bucks. Mirapath has received a sample of this new model and taken it for a spin.

The Opengear 96-Port Console Server is intended for high-density deployments – think hundreds, and maybe thousands, of serial console ports. It provides all the benefits of all other Opengear console servers (resolve issues faster remotely, eliminate a large percentage of site visits, etc.) in a more economical format that is easier to deploy since it decreases the number of units required for your environment.

The key features are:

  • More ports
  • More memory
  • Additional storage
  • Smaller cost per port than all other Opengear models
  • New fiber port


Opengear 96-Port Console Server


Here is how the  96-Port Console Server stacks up against other Opengear models.

16, 32, 48 Port 96 Port
CPU and Memory 800 MHz ARM with 256MB DDR3 RAM 800MHz ARM with 2GB DDR3 RAM
Internal Flash 4GB 64GB
Ethernet Dual Ethernet Dual Ethernet/SFP ports
Internal Temperature Sensor None Built-in
MSRP Per Port $74.69 (48 Port) $67.71

Mirapath likes all the benefits of this 96-port configuration.  For environments in which the console servers will be deployed in enclosed, deep cabinets, the 48 ports that are located on the rear of the unit may be difficult to reach. To address this concern, we spent some time in the lab finding a way to make those ports in the rear easier to access.

Recommended Installation for Enclosed Cabinets

This solution will make it much easier to access the ports that are on the rear part of the 96-Port Console Server. However, it will require 2U of rack space as opposed to a single U. You will still get all the benefits that the 96-Port Console Server offers (simplify your deployment and be more cost effective).

Mirapath combined the 96-Port Console Server with a 1U patch panel and 48 CAT6 cables. With this setup, we can bring the rear ports to the front of the unit, which will allow the 96-Port Console Server to be deployed on an enclosed cabinet without serviceability concerns.

Side View:

Mirapath Services

Mirapath has been in the console server business for over a decade and stands ready to help you with your out-of-band infrastructure. Here are some of the ways we can simplify your life.

  • Out-of-band solution architecture. We can help you determine the best deployment architecture for your out-of-band appliances. Maybe it is one per row. Maybe it is a fully centralized deployment. We help you analyze your environment and come up with the best solution.
  • Installation Services. After you purchase your gear we can help you with the physical installation as well as with the logical configuration of the devices, including any centralized management software that you are using, as well as ActiveDirectory and LDAP integration.
  • Post-sale support. Our customers rarely leave us, but most importantly – Mirapath never leaves its customer. When the going gets rough, Mirapath will be here to help you address your technical issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Opengear 96-port console server, please contact your Mirapath Account Manager or contact us at solutions@dev.mirapath.com.

Opengear 96-Port Console Server