During a site visit with a customer, a multinational software and IT company, our team noticed that the servers’ power was located only on one side, but the power distribution units (PDU) were mounted on both sides of the rack. In addition, the customer was using 6-foot power cords that came with the server, which were not optimal for installation or airflow.

Scope of Work:

Working with customers with similar configurations, we recommended some solutions to optimize the rack space including:

  • Mount both PDUs on one side of the rack, where the power on the servers was located, rather than one power strip on each side.
  • Shorter power cords (2-foot IEC13-IEC14), which would provide better airflow and easier and faster installation.
  • Coiled power cords which provide a cleaner look overall.
  • Locking power cords to prevent accidental and vibration disconnects for both PDUs and device.
  • Colored and angled power cords which helps make installations faster and easier.


Unaware that the current setup was adding challenges to the space, our client was thrilled with the recommended solutions. After implementing the changes – including shorter, locking, colored, and angled power cords – they now have an optimized rack space allowing better airflow, faster installations, and a cleaner appearance.

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Optimizing Rack Space for a Multinational Software and IT Company