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Cabinets and Accessories

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The rack or cabinet that houses your servers is the cornerstone of a state-of-the-art
data center and lab. The right cabinet or rack can improve your server network gear
deployment process, promote efficient air flow and heat management, enable quicker
and easier equipment moves and help with security initiatives.

When choosing your cabinet solution, its important to consider:

  • What kind of environment these racks will be used in?
  • How many devices, connections and what type of equipment will be house in the cabinet?
  • What weight capacity is required for your application?
  • What hot or cold air containment solution will your cabinet integrate with? Do you have any side-to-side air flow devices in your current environment?

Whether you know what brand you’re looking for or need some more guidance, the cabinet and rack experts at Mirapath can help you find the right hardware for your needs.

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • Whether you are deciding on 10 racks or 500 racks, we can walk you through the various options available
  • We also offer the full range of accessories such as cable management, shelves, nuts, screws, and custom power strip cabinets
  • We have a demo room available so you can touch and see the construction of the rack, and if your power strip and cable management fit
  • We make sure the rack is delivered properly through our detailed shipping questionnaire
  • We offer a full range of services related to racks and cabinets including white glove delivery, assembly, installation, bonding, and grounding