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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can help with inventory
management, real-time monitoring, and capacity planning.

  • Quickly identify available power and space to deploy new devices
  • Zero in on the exact location of specific servers within a rack to troubleshoot devices faster.
  • Instantly visualize how much power is being used, the location of ghost servers, and identify stranded capacity
  • Spend less time on PDU reading, nameplate power capacities, and capacity reporting
  • More efficiently plan future projects
  • Get automatic alerts and resolve downtime faster

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • Get an experienced partner for your DCIM project to collaborate with stakeholders, gather requirements and get your project correctly defined and started strong.
  • We are vendor agnostic, and so can quickly shortlist solutions based on your requirements and recommend the right DCIM tool for your needs.
  • Work with a dedicated team from scope to final implementation and beyond to get the most out of your DCIM and reap the benefits of the program quickly.
  • Take advantage of transparency and simplicity of DCIM prices, as well as our team’s work to normalize prices across different vendors.
  • Our technical internal resources can support you in the installation and deployment phase without taking away your team’s time from other responsibilities.