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Lab Automation Software

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Whether you call it lab automation software, reservation software, orchestration
software or DevOps sandbox, this is the engine that makes Lab as a Service (LaaS) work.

  • Track test equipment inventory, physical and virtual assets
  • Act as the reservation system for your global assets
  • Create portals for end users with specific access credentials
  • Be the topology manager for different test scenarios
  • Give users the ability to reserve, configure, initiate, run tests, and release resources
  • Generate reports for user activity and equipment utilization
  • Truly create “dark” labs by powering up devices when in use

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • Mirapath is one of the very few solution providers who focuses on “lab as a service” and layer one switches.
  • We are so passionate in helping our customers address the challenges in their engineering labs that we founded Engineering Lab Symposium, an annual event exclusively focused on engineering labs, bringing end users together to network and share challenges and solutions.
  • A lab automation software initiative is a significant endeavor that requires executive sponsorship and stakeholder alignment. We can assist the discussions to ensure proper planning, POC, and deployment.