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Power is an integral part of any data center or lab and is by far its largest
expense over time. Mirapath can help implement a complete power solution that works for you.

Power Cords
  • Locking, Angled
  • Various Lengths, Colors
  • Different Connector Types
Power Strips
  • Strip Level Metered
  • Network Monitoring
  • Switched with Network Monitoring
  • Rackmount, Modular
  • Bypass, Batteries
  • Monitoring

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • As a vendor neutral provider, we work with you to help select, install, and configure the right power strip for your environment and application
  • From design to installation, our team has the experience to help at every step of the process
  • You can get live demonstrations of the different power management software solutions to see how their user interface and reporting differs and compares
  • We understand which power management software plays well with which manufacturers’ power strip
  • We can provide post-sales support to help you resolve technical issues
  • We have a variety of PDUs and UPS in our demo room so we can show you how they work and how they compare