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Power Cords

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Mirapath offers data center and lab rated power cords. They have one of the following UL/CSA/CE certification
and are RoHS compliant. We carry various different types of power cords with specific lengths up to .5 ft
differentials to help reduce cable slack and improve airflow in the rack.

Contact us for additional information or part numbers not listed here.

C13 – C14
Power Cords IECC13 IECC14
Part Numbers
C14 – C19
Power Cords IECC14 IECC19
Part Numbers
C19 – C20
Power Cords IECC19 IECC20
Part Numbers
C14 – C15
Power Cords IECC14 IECC15
Part Numbers
C20 – C21
Power Cords IECC20 IECC21
Part Numbers
Angled Power Cords
Power Cords Angled Cords
Part Numbers
Locking Power Cords
Power Cords Locking Cords
Part Numbers
Power Cords in Color
Part Numbers