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Cooling cost is one the biggest expenses in the data center. Reducing
energy costs and achieving sustainability goals starts with a well-designed
and thoughtfully installed containment strategy.

  • Doors for partial or full containment solution
  • Rack-top baffles prevent airflow from passing from one aisle to the next
  • Containment pods for a total containment solution
  • Retractable, drop away, or shrink away tiles for roof/ceiling
  • Accessories such as blanking panels, airflow pressure sensors, switch air ducts, and more

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need for a successful containment installation to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.
  • Mirapath offers a variety of solutions and services to optimize your airflow and cooling at every level, from simple blanking panels and floor grommets to custom designed, fully enclosed containment.
  • Rely on a partner to help with every step of the project – design, installation, and monitoring – and leverage our expertise to see the ROI faster.
  • As a vendor agnostic provider, our teams focus on identifying your specific needs and situation and finding the right solution for you.
  • Our technical internal resources can support you at every phase of the process without taking time away your team’s other responsibilities.