Our team of experienced project managers, project engineers, and
technicians are focused on delivering turnkey projects from equipment
specification, design, delivery and installation.

Data Center Build Out / Fit Up Services

We take the white space and make it equipment ready.

  • Global eCommerce Company: Sourced, installed and deployed 300+ intelligent power strips, installed fiber MTP backbone and patched over 7,500 fiber and copper connections. Read case study.
  • Global leader in cloud infrastructure and mobility. Sourced, installed, deployed 75 cabinets, 150 power strips, 2 tier ladder rack system, all fiber and copper connectivity, containment doors and above rack panels.
  • Multi Platform Technology Company: Installed and secured 40+ racks, 2-tier ladder rack system, structured cabling, 80+ power distribution units and integration to DCIM solution.
Structured Cabling for Data Centers,
Labs, and Offices

We collaborate with you to design your cabling infrastructure from drawing board to installation.

  • Fortune 500 company builds out new office. Read case study.
  • Storage Technology Company: Provide and install 500+ internal data ports within an 80,000sq. ft. single story building. Design and build out 1 MDF, 2 IDF, and 5 engineering labs. Read case study.
Moves & Migrations

Whether you are moving from headquarters to colo, or from colo to colo, or just acquired a new company, Mirapath can make your move and migration projects a success.

  • Enterprise storage company. 2436 devices spread over 3 months.
  • Global network equipment manufacturer. 8000 devices for 16 departments in 4 weeks.
Containment Design and Installation
  • Social networking company: Mirapath designed and installed cold aisle containment solution. Read case study
  • Fortune 1000 company: Mirapath designed and installed cold aisle containment solution. Read case study
UPS Configuration and Installation
  • Semiconductor Company: Speced, installed 3 phase 75kw scalable N +1 UPS
  • Biotech Company: Speced, installed 50kw N + 1 Solution scalable to 500kw
UPS Configuration and Installation
  • Colocation provider: Decommissioned 550 racks, 1100 power strips, 550 overhead panels, 1100 tap boxes, and over 26,000 cables in 16 days.

Mirapath Projects Include

  • Dedicated project teams
  • As build documentation
  • Lifetime warranty on labor
  • Test results for copper and fiber
  • Full manufacturer warranty


What Customers Are Saying About Mirapath

“It is never good business to rely on just one vendor for all of your needs. By working with Mirapath, we are free to work with multiple manufacturers to find the right solutions for our needs.”

Manager, Data Center Operations

“I go to Mirapath because they are incredibly responsive and when they say they’re going to deliver – they DO.”

Senior Technologist
“I trust the information and recommendations that I receive from Mirapath for all things related to data centers.  The solutions that I have purchased, based on their recommendations, have met or exceeded my expectations.”
Manager, IT Operations
“Throughout several engagements, the Mirapath team has shown themselves to be both knowledgeable, and easy to work with.”
Manager, IT

“Mirapath exceeds my needs for our business.”

Sr. Director, Global Data Center Engineering

“From scheduling to execution, Mirapath always delivers!”

Global Director, Data Center Operations

“Mirapath provides me with unfiltered advice on product suitability.”

Director, Engineering Operations

“We like a company that pays attention to details.”

Director, Colocation Services

“The Mirapath team is awesome, always helpful, a real pleasure to work with.”

Manager, Data Center Operations
“Mirapath has provided us with excellent service and quality work on numerous projects. It’s a top notch team!”
Manager, IT Projects