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With more than a decade working with data center and colocation managers and
engineers, the Mirapath team is the partner you need to get the right
equipment at the right price at the right time.

The unique challenges of scaling up quickly with new tenants and managing equipment turnover that all colocation facilities must manage are familiar territory for the experts at Mirapath. Our teams are here to support yours at every phase of a project, from design through procurement and installation as well as decommissioning.

You and your team can spend your time working on what matters most to your customers – uptime – and your business – attracting new tenants – and less on the costs associated with getting those customers up and running.

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need no matter what specific requirements your tenants have.
  • As your vendor agnostic partner, our teams focus on identifying your specific needs and situation and finding the right solution for you.
  • Our team has experience working with colocators of all shapes and sizes on every step of a build out.
  • Keep your team focused on their core responsibilities and rely on our technical internal resources to manage installation, decommissioning, and more.
  • Our great relationships with manufacturers and vendors lets you relax knowing you’re getting the best prices for the brand your customers want.
  • Mirapath’s dedicated technical resources are a true extension of our customers’ teams and they are successful when you’re successful.
Low Voltage / Structured Cabling
  • Licensed C7 contractor (#963498)
  • CAD and Visio drawings
  • Grounding and bolting of server racks
Rack and Stack
  • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • Inventory check, labeling and serial number recording
  • Professional installation of hardware
Cooling Solutions
  • Cooling solution specification
  • Onsite installation and support
  • Containment solutions
UPS Specification and Installation
  • UPS specification
  • On-site installation and support
Software Installation
  • Installation and configuration of software solutions
  • DCIM installation
  • Power management software installation


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