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Console Servers

Automated Out Of Band Access With Network Incident Remediation

Console Servers

A console server or terminal server is a device that provides remote/out-of-band access to servers and networking devices. Commonly, a console server provides a number of serial ports, which are then connected to the serial ports of other equipment, such as servers, routers or switches. The consoles of the connected devices can then be accessed by connecting to the console server over a serial link such as a modem, wifi, or over a network with terminal emulator software such as telnet or ssh, maintaining survivable connectivity that allows remote users to log in the various consoles without being physically nearby.

Hardware Features Opengear Avocent Lantronix Raritan
IM7200 CM7100 ACS 6000 SLC8000 DSX II
Rack Unit 1RU 1RU 1RU 1RU 1RU
Serial Port Densities 8,16,32,48 16,32,48 4,8,16,32,48 8,16,32,48 (expansion modules) 4,8,16,32,48
Modular serial port expansion N N N Y, with 16 ports N
USB serial ports N N N Y N
RJ45 Cisco Pinout Y, selectable Y Y, selectable Y, selectable Y, auto detection
WiFi Y N N N N
Cellular GSM/CDMA Y * N Y Y Y
PDU Support Y * Y * Y * Y * Y *

What’s New

  • Automated Incident Remediation
  • Fiber Connectivity
  • Cellular Access
  • USB Console Ports
  • Up to 365 Concurrent Connections per Port

Console Server Comparison Guide

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What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • We have been providing labs, engineering labs, and remote offices with console servers for over a decade.
  • We often work with manufacturers on feature developments and act as beta testers for their new hardware and software.
  • We are vendor neutral.
  • We have almost all the console servers in house so we can show you how they work and how they compare.

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