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Containment Solutions

A Successful Containment Strategy Can Save Up To 30% In Energy Costs

Containment Solutions

Cooling cost is one the biggest expenses in the data center. A well designed and installed containment solution is the most effective way to optimize your data center cooling.

Although every scenario varies, below are some of the benefits that can be achieved:

  • Fan energy savings of 70-90%
  • Energy savings at the chiller of 15-20%
  • Lower total data center energy use by 5.4%
  • HIgher return air temperature increased cooling capacity by 30-49%
  • Overall up to 30% in cooling system performance and efficiency

The Building Blocks of a Successful Containment Solution

Here’s a short list of items we believe are crucial to a successful containment build. With these pieces in place, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the hot and cold aisles separate and maintaining optimal performance from your equipment.

  1. Enclosed Racks
  2. Blanking Panels for Unused Space
  3. Top of Rack Containment
  4. Sealing of Any Empty Space Between Racks and Floor
  5. Aisle End Cap Doors
  6. Hot and Cold Aisle Orientation
  7. Roof Ceiling Containment
  8. Baffle for Side Venting Equipment

What’s New

  • Partial and full containment solutions
  • Drop ceilings
  • UL listed solutions
  • Various door types

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

Mirapath offers a variety of solutions and services to optimize your airflow and cooling at every level, from simple blanking panels and floor grommets to custom designed, fully enclosed containment.

We don’t just do the containment design. We don’t just install. We do both.

Based on your requirements, we design the containment solution AND do the installation. No more pointing fingers. It starts and ends with us.

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