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The data center environment has become a complex place to work. Today’s data centers
need to be under tight climate control, to be maximizing the processing power of the
servers they house, and keeping everything completely secure while also using as little
power as possible. When you are responsible for maintaining 99% uptime, you need a
partner you can count on 100% of the time.

Mirapath has been supplying data center managers with the equipment they need, when they need it, for more than a decade. Our expert support teams are the extra set of hands every data center needs to keep things humming.

Whether you need just the right cable, panel, server, or bolts or need additional support to build out, redesign, or decommission hardware – you can count on Mirapath.

Low Voltage / Structured Cabling
  • Licensed C7 contractor (#963498)
  • CAD and Visio drawings
  • Grounding and bolting of server racks
Rack and Stack
  • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • Inventory check, labeling and serial number recording
  • Professional installation of hardware
Cooling Solutions
  • Cooling solution specification
  • Onsite installation and support
  • Containment solutions
UPS Specification and Installation
  • UPS specification
  • On-site installation and support
Software Installation
  • Installation and configuration of software solutions
  • DCIM installation
  • Power management software installation


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