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Layer One Switches

Layer One Switch Is The Foundation Of “Lab As A Service”

Layer One Switches

Layer one switch is a software controlled patch panel, allowing any port in the system to connect to another port in a non-blocking matrix. It provides a “wire once” environment.

Whether you are in a test lab, development lab, QA lab, pre-production or support labs, layer one switches can help you achieve faster testing cycles, improve testing process and repeatability, reduce capital expenditure of expensive test equipment through resource sharing and increased utilization. 

What’s New

  • Support for a Wide Range of Data Rates and Media
  • All Optical, Multi mode Solution

From Chaos to Order: The Automation Journey

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What Sets Mirapath Apart?

Mirapath is one of the very few solution providers who focuses on “lab as a service” and layer one switches. We are so passionate in helping our customers address the challenges in their engineering labs that we founded Engineering Lab Symposium, an annual event exclusively focused on engineering labs, bringing end users together to network and share challenges and solutions.A layer one switch deployment either standalone or as part of the Lab as a Service initiative is best done with proper planning for your needs now and into the future, contact us to start the conversation at solutions@mirapath.com.

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