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Power Management Software

Simplify The Monitoring And Management Of All Your Cabinet Power Strips

Power Management Software

Power management software gives you visibility to these questions and more:

  • How do you manage 100 power strips or 5000 power strips across different data centers and geographies?
  • How do you know if they are all on the latest firmware with the needed security patch?
  • How much power does your Amsterdam facility use?
  • How does it compare to what you have available? Or to what your colo is charging you?
  • How much power is that row of racks from DevOps drawing? Or that one rack with the latest hardware in testing?
  • And, how easily can you have this information at your fingertips at any time and historically?

What’s New

  • Auto Discovery of Intelligent Power Strips
  • Integration with BMS and DCIM Solutions
  • SNAP and JSON Integration
  • Increased Power Strip Vendor Neutrality

Power Management Comparison Guide

Download here

What sets Mirapath Apart?

  • Power management software and intelligent power strips go hand and hand.
  • We understand which power management software plays well with which manufacturers’ power strip.
  • We can install, configure and roll out the power management software in a POC or for production.
  • We sit down with you and provide demos of the different power management software so you can see how their user interface and reporting differs and compares.
  • With the right data and report in hand, you can make the right decisions for your infrastructure.

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