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From 2 Posts To Fully Enclosed Cabinets, We Can Help You Choose The Right One.


The server rack/cabinet is the cornerstone of a state of the art data center and lab. Choosing the right rack will not only make the difference in how the data center looks, but it will also positively impact the server network gear deployment process, promote good airflow, ease of equipment moves, and help with security initiatives.

Types of Racks

2 Post Rack

2 Post Rack

Wall Mount Cabinet

4 Post Rack

Open Frame Cabinet


2 Post Rack 4 Post Rack Wall Mount Cabinet Open Frame Cabinets Cabinets
Ships Assembled N* N* Optional Y Y
Side Panels N N Optional N Y
Front or Rear Doors N N Optional Optional Optional
Rack Rails Threaded Square / Threaded Square / Threaded Square Square
Adjustable Rails N Optional N Depends on Vendor Depends on Vendor
Casters N N N Depends on Vendor Depends on Vendor
PDU Mounting Panel N N N Depends on Vendor Depends on Vendor
Built In Vertical Cable Management N N N Depends on Vendor Depends on Vendor

* Few Heavy Duty / Seismic model ships assembled

What’s New

  • ”Smart cabinets”
  • Taller and Deeper Cabinets
  • Integrated Security
  • Custom Solutions: Color, Dimensions, Design

Rack Selection Guide

Download here


  • Cable management
  • Shelves
  • Custom PDU brackets
  • Others: cage nuts, screws, etc

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

  • Whether you are deciding on 10 racks or 500 racks, we can walk you through the various options available.
  • We also offer the full range of accessories such as cable management, shelves, nuts and screws, and custom power strip cabinets.
  • We have a demo room available so you can touch and see the construction of the rack, and if your power strip and cable management fit.
  • We don’t just stop at the rack selection, we make sure the rack is delivered properly through our detailed shipping questionnaire.
  • Lastly, we offer a full range of services related to racks and cabinets including white glove delivery, assembly, installation, bonding, and grounding.

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