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The cutting edge of retail IT is exciting, and the experience for shoppers
communicating in real-time with their favorite brand using their phone while in a
store is almost magical. When you need to make magic happen for shoppers in retail
locations, you can count on Mirapath.

The data processing and IT needs of brick and mortar retail locations are complicated. There is no cookie cutter option to fall back on, or one-size-fits-all solution you can easily deploy. Every retail IT operation is different – the only thing they have in common is that they need everything online as fast as possible and to run as reliably as possible.

With 10 years of experience helping retail IT managers and network engineers design, deploy, and scale equipment across multiple locations, our team can be an extension of yours to get the job done fast. Mirapath is here for you 24/7 to help build and maintain the custom IT solutions your POS system needs today, and support you as you plan for the future.

Low Voltage / Structured Cabling
  • Licensed C7 contractor (#963498)
  • CAD and Visio drawings
  • Grounding and bolting of server racks
Rack and Stack
  • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • Inventory check, labeling and serial number recording
  • Professional installation of hardware
Cooling Solutions
  • Cooling solution specification
  • Onsite installation and support
  • Containment solutions
UPS Specification and Installation
  • UPS specification
  • On-site installation and support
Software Installation
  • Installation and configuration of software solutions
  • DCIM installation
  • Power management software installation


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