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Don’t Overlook The Physical Threats To Your Infrastructure.  Protect It With Advanced Surveillance Solutions.


With today’s technology, you are able to have high resolution footage with highly intelligent analytics at your fingertips. Surveillance doesn’t have to be in the exclusive domain of security or facilities department anymore, you can add it to engineering labs, colo cages, inside your racks, and edge data centers simply and affordably.

What’s New

  • Search Large Amounts of HD Footage in Seconds
  • Quality Facial Recognition
  • Greater Accuracy and Fewer False Alarms
  • Up to 29 Megapixels
  • Open Platform

What Sets Mirapath Apart?

We really care about your infrastructure so we want to help you protect it with the right surveillance solution.

We will collaborate with you to understand requirements, evaluate options, build  BOM, install and configure all the necessary components of your surveillance system from the cameras, software, access control, and dry contacts (if needed).

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