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One Hour Of Downtime Costs $7,900. Can You Afford It?
The Right UPS Solution Will Keep You Running And Much More!


Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems are used not only to provide enough battery run time for short outages or just enough for your generator to kick in, they are also used to protect your expensive hardware from dirty power. Dirty power is basically any abnormality that disrupts the quality of power into your facility: surges, spikes, sags, fluctuation, noise, etc.. This dirty power can be an expensive disruption to your operations. A UPS protects your equipment from dirty power.

What’s New

  • Modern UPS have higher efficiency
  • Get more real power with UPS with Unity Power Factor
  • Centralize management of disperse UPS units
  • Lithium-ion technology

UPS 6000 VA Comparison Chart

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What Sets Mirapath Apart?

Whether you manage UPS(s) in your remote offices or at your data center, we can help:

  • Assess the state of your current UPS
  • If needed, properly specify various UPS solutions
  • Help re-activate your UPS care plan
  • Schedule preventative maintenance appointments
  • Install new UPS and decommission the old one
  • Share best practices such as management platform, maintenance bypass

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