Vertiv (Formerly Emerson) DSView Software Management R4.5 SP5

2017-05-24T08:35:39-08:00 April 27, 2017|DCIM|

On May 2016, Vertiv (formerly Avocent/Emerson Network Power) announced a new version of its DSView software – R4.5 SP5.

The main new features of this release are:

  • Support for new security ciphers provided by Java 8
  • Better support for the MPH2 power strips
  • Added new device support for the GXT4 UPS system

Overall, this is a great release that enhances the functionality of the software and we recommend upgrading with one caveat: DSView R4.5 SP5 has dropped support for some old hardware appliances that have been identified as “End of Life.”

The list of appliances not supported by the new DSView software includes:

  • DS1800
  • DSR family
  • Cyclades family
  • CCM and ACS Classic

If you have these older appliances in production you cannot upgrade your DSView installation to the latest release. These old appliances must be replaced with newer models that are supported by the latest version of DSView.

Support for the old version of DSView is scheduled to end on May 2017. Have questions or want to learn more? Schedule a meeting today.

Upgrade To The Latest Avocent DSView Software Management R4.5 SP5